Don’t make the same mistakes

Mistakes to Avoid in Lawn Care DIY

If you’re going to do the hard work all by yourself, you should avoid these mistakes.

  1. Don’t install the plants along your home’s foundation; doing this outgrows the available space all too quickly
  2. Avoid employing the ground covers that are deemed perfect for the job
  3. Don’t rush to choose the grass you plant and research about the best type of mulch for your home
  4. Failing to position plants for them to give off the perfect display
  5. Pruning your shrubs at the wrong time
  6. Mismanagement of the lawn; mismanagement could be through having a very big lawn, dotting your lawn with planting circles, or failing to put in mowing strips for easy mowing.
  7. Ignoring winter maintenance
  8. Planting messy trees such as sweetgum, ginkgo biloba, or pine.
  9. Also, don’t overestimate your DIY capabilities and beware of zoning laws, location, and your neighbors.

Lawn care DIY

Which other lawn care tips do you recommend for your plants to flourish?