Landscaping ideas

Budget issue

Landscaping on a Budget

Looking for the best landscaping ideas for front of the house? Keep reading.

You can have a beautiful lawn/ yard on a budget. All you need is a creative mind and a little help from us.

Below are some of the budget-friendly budgeting ideas you might want to consider:

Reduce the size of your lawn to save money

For most people, reducing the size of the lawn involves creating a monoculture by applying the strongest weed killers on the lawn. Although this practice leaves you with a good-looking yard, it will not be healthy because your obsessive and expensive use of weed killers kills the good weeds in the process. For example, crabgrass is a bad weed, but the clover or the wild violet is a good (edible) weed. 

  • To go about the bad and the good of weeds, you might want to try alternatives such as the laying down of newspapers for the killing of the grass.
  • You could also opt to create a mixed plant bed with shrubs, ornamental grasses, as well as perennials. You could even go for the classic flower bed border.
  • Staying on a budget also means buying plants on sale or from the retailers known for their discounted prices.
  • The drought-resistant plants will save on watering and maintenance costs in the long run.


Taking care of your plants on a budget

After planting, you can still save a lot of money taking care of the plants. Some of the money-saving strategies include:

  • Watering your plants early in the morning in summer instead of watering later in the day
  • Choose the easy-to-grow plants which will not need much in terms of pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Wait out on the occasional bug holes on the leaves, don’t rush out to get insecticide.
  • Remember that even after your plants are on the ground and flourishing, they still require a bit of TLC which will go a long way in saving you money, creating a beautiful lawn in the process.

Other landscape tips

  • Hide the AC unit; it could be an eyesore
  • Create a DIY water feature
  • Create a beautiful home for your garden hose
  • Create a path around the high-traffic areas
  • Light up the night
  • Get more evergreens
  • Clean your walkways