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Lawn Care

Are you tired of your less than perfect lawn while overlooking your neighbor’s picture-perfect and healthy lawn?

Well, you’re in the best place you could be today. In this piece, we’ll give you a low-down of everything you need to know about lawn care while giving you practical tips on how to make sure that the grass is greener (and cleaner) on your side of the fence. Also, to be highlighted in this piece are answers to what you need to do and use to make sure that your lawn is well taken care of.

But first, what is lawn care and services?

Simply put, lawn care represents all the steps you take to ensure a healthy lawn. Your home or office might have surgically cleaned and organized interiors, but if the exterior spaces are not inviting enough, no one will ever bother stepping foot inside. Like your clothes, your lawn (and exterior décor) determines people’s perceptions of you. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your lawn.

Unfortunately, aside from understanding the need for beautiful lawns, most of us don’t know what needs to be done for beautiful lawns. For this reason, you might want to start off your lawn care journey from finding reliable, efficient, and professional lawn service providers. The catch, however, is that if you make a Google search entry for the best lawn service near me, you will come across tens of top-rated lawn service providers. You will also need to look at the services offered because a lawn mowing service is hardly enough for the best lawn care.

Understandably, all the options presented to you by the internet and your friends are often confusing which is why we’ll first look at what makes the best lawn care service providers before we embark on the lawn care tips.

Looking for the best lawn care service providers – Your First Step to Lawn Care


Lawn tips for DIY

  • Determining your needs or wants

You cannot ask for lawn care services without specifying the exact service you need. So, what does your lawn need today? Mowing/ edging, weed killing/ pulling, fertilizing, bug/ disease treatment, irrigation, aeration/ de-thatching, trimming, planting, mulching, reseeding, or cleaning?

Your lawn service in Portland Or will fall into one or more of the lawn care/ gardening categories above, and you will only find the service you need if you identify a service provider capable of offering that service according to your demands/ needs.

The identification of the lawn service on your to-do list is the easiest way for you to find your ideal service provider.

  • Tools/ Materials

Do you have the right equipment to complete the task at hand? Are your tools in good shape, or do they need repairs? Do you know how to use that equipment/ tool, and does the tool scare/ frustrate you? Do you have specialized tools? Do you need a service provider who will do everything needed without asking for much about the complex tools needed for that lawn care procedure? And how much will you spend/ save this year if you bought all the tools/ equipment you need for the care of your yard? Do you have enough (secure) storage space for all those tools/ equipment/ and materials?

By answering all these questions, you’ll make a wise decision regarding who’s to handle lawn care.

  • Time constraints and your natural abilities

Do you have the time, knowledge, and the natural talent you need to create that perfect lawn? Is DIY gardening or lawn care the best use of your time? Would the results be significantly more elegant and fast if you engaged a professional to do the work than if you spent weeks on the project? Also, how big is your yard? Naturally, you should handle lawn care for a small yard with ease. However, if you lack the time/ resources/ knowledge to handle your yard on your own, regardless of the size, you might want to outsource the services. You’ll have peace of mind if you engage a professional in lawn care to help you with the tedious chores and you can use the freed up time to focus on other important tasks/ roles.

It’s also important for you to think about gardening in terms of the benefits it could bring you, either as a hobby or a therapeutic activity.

  • Concessions/ Choices

Can you afford the hired help all-year round? Or would you rather seek professional help seasonally? Some service providers will not meet your sporadic seasonal requests. And as you know by now, hiring the guy you saw working over at your neighbor’s, just because the price is right, is not the best approach to lawn care.

Other considerations

  • Dogs, furniture, and treasures

When it comes to lawn care, you must be aware of the influence of your furniture, pets, and little treasures like fruit plants on the appearance of your yard. If you want a beautiful yard, you should be ready to tame your dog/ pets so that they don’t cause damage or destroy your lawn.

And if you’re hiring professionals, make sure your pet’s scat/ droppings is collected before the pros come into work. The reason why you need to do this is that if the guys come to mow the yard, the pet droppings will damage their equipment.

If you have a treasured little plant that needs specialized care, make sure that the gardening guys you hire understand how to take care of that plant – it could be sensitive to some fertilizers or pruning, and you need someone who understands how to take care of it.

  • State of your lawn

Before you buy tools, fertilizers, or even look for professionals, you must reassess the state of your yard.

By reassessing the state of your lawn, we mean you should determine the health and the condition of the yard/ landscape to know if it will need a lot of attention or not, now or later.

And, once your lawn is rescued and revived by the experts, you might want to keep them on your service to keep the lawn in good condition throughout, especially if you won’t be at a position to do the gardening work on your own.

  • Professional working relationships and personalities

While this might be a non-issue, it could also have a significant impact on the relationship you have with the lawn care service providers. No one wants a situation where you constantly have to look over your workers’ shoulders.

To be on the safe side, review the services offered by the companies you’re considering and pay attention to the experiences of older customers. Using the information gathered, you’ll make a better judgment of who you should work with.

Look out of qualities such as excellence in customer support services, professional resolution of conflicts, and the quality of the work they do.  Focus on building a positive relationship with a reliable, competent, and trustworthy company. Fortunately, your online search for affordable lawn care near me often yields good results of top-rated and reliable companies.

For further help you can reach out to a landscaping expert in Portland Oregon

  • Gardening method/ preferences

If you prefer organic gardening methods and materials, don’t choose the first lawn care service provider you come across. Few companies are fully knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty of organic farming, and not all companies promising organic gardening actually deliver the service. You should, therefore, research more about the organic lawn care services around you, as well as the best organic products to use.


Now that we have the first step in lawn care covered let’s jump right into the lawn care tips you need to master. Even with the best lawn care expert by your side, you need these tips for that beautiful lawn.

As your lawn buddy, we understand that buying a yard book isn’t the most practical thing to do given your busy days. This section of the article has everything you need to know about seamless lawn care.

Remember that having well-tended, healthy, and a weed-free garden boasting pristine edges is easier to attain and maintain if you put in the work.

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